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Free Public Lecture: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Geometry
16 January from 7pm

2015 AMSI Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences

The AMSI Summer School is an exciting opportunity for mathematical sciences students from around Australia to come together over the summer break to develop their skills and networks.
  • Learn from Australia’s leading mathematicians & statisticians
  • Gain credit towards your degree
  • Meet future employers at the Careers Afternoon
  • Build your networks at dinners, BBQs & special events
  • Broaden and deepen your knowledge base with advanced coursework
  • Choose from a wide range of courses to suit your speciality
  • Discover the latest subject in your discipline

Key dates

Travel Grant applications & 1st registration closed: 2 November 2014

Final registration closed: 20 November 2014


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  • AMSI Summer School was great for two reasons: the first, it allowed students to explore areas of research not usually offered by their home institution. And secondly, it made me realise just how big the mathematics community really is, by giving me the opportunity to meet mathematics and statistics students, academics and employers from all around Australia.

    Brock Hermans
    Brock Hermans2014 Summer School participant
  • I would recommend AMSI summer school to other graduate students - the summer break is a great time to learn something new.

    Flavio Nardi
    Flavio Nardi2014 Summer School participant
  • Would you recommend the AMSI Summer School to other students, and if so, why? I would recommend taking it for the purpose of networking, discovering new areas of maths and stats to study, seeing new cities, experiencing different universities, as well as gaining knew knowledge.

    Devina Martina
    Devina Martina2014 Summer School participant
  • How do you think you have developed as a result of attending the summer school? I developed appreciation of the diversity of mathematics and the application of techniques is not restricted to a narrow field of mathematics.

    Christopher Zoppou
    Christopher Zoppou2014 Summer School participant
  • AMSI Summer School is a great way to experience a course from a new lecturer in a new environment and to enjoy all the social benefits of being within close quarters to so many other mathematically minded students.

    Kate Atwell
    Kate Atwell2014 Summer School participant
  • AMSI Summer School provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for many students in the mathematical sciences to study a wide variety of advanced topics taught by Australia's foremost lecturers in an inspiring environment. The enthusiasm for mathematics and statistics and the engagement of students and lecturers in the school generates that special energy rarely seen throughout a regular semester. What better way to spend a summer!

    Jan De Gier
    Jan De Gier2013 AMSI Summer School Director


The AMSI Summer School is funded jointly by the Department of Education, the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, with support from University of Newcastle, AustMS and ANZIAM.
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